Tuesday, July 15, 2008

600 Megawatts short made up by 10 million people in small communities in forest gardens.
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15 7 2008
Wake up at 6 AM and see that the power is off. It comes back at 7 AM and since there was no water in the storage tank on the roof, the pump was put on and after 20 minutes when the water started trickling from the overflow pipe, I shouted from the outside to switch the power off. Soon thereafter the power went off! Throughout the day nowadays off and on the power supply has been playing hide and seek(in Mysore or Mumbai) and the inverter of 400W capacity became useless because there just is no time to charge the battery. So at last the failure of artificiality has come to be! The time has arrived for harvesting natural nuclear power in the form of living energy-Yagna! Enjoy muscle power in kindly use. Practice return.
See http://www.econvergence.net/electro.htm

The laptops or batteries, etc., cannot be returned to the earth because they are non-degradable by life. So no longer just production, consumption and waste. Go to the roots and seek the answer to the conundrum: When I take piecemeal somethings out of the earth and make gadgets, will I be able to return the gadget at the end of its life safely back to earth? Start from scratch and see how you can practice return in all your activities. Return is Yagna! Where there is a will there is a way. The Vedas were willed by Ishwara from his heart and now there is a fad in the West to lift off wholesale from the Vedas without acking the timeless, the anadi. Will it and you will capture the essence of the Vedas and practice the Vedas. Therein lies survival. All the cane juice wallas here in Mysore have switched over to hand cranking. Well not just cane juice wallas.It will only be a short time before common sense will prevail over costly commerce and all xeroxing will be cranked out by electricity or shaft powered by muscle power! Spring wound watches will be the norm again. This is land use at a power flow of 1000 MW per square kilometer. And when return is practiced, it will be at zero cost. The chaps will switch over from grid electricity to shaving by twin blade razors! And the youth will walk again from the suburbs of Mysore to do shopping and all other activities. And ladies will go from plump to good figure by switching from the mixer or grinder to the stone beauty of a device called worallkallu worked by hand. From washing machines to hand washed clothes ironed by bed pressure and incidentally be free from blood pressure! Leaving only some well to do senior citizens to work the washing machines when the electricity from the grid makes its shy appearance. Laptops are shortly to be run by pedal power and the toppers do not have beautiful paunches now! We had put all eggs in one basket and we are failed when electricity of the grid fails! They will use bicycles for travel and to light the lamps. They will outgrow night time labour and become efficient and live the 8 to 5 life! They will extract butter by centrifuges by muscle power. The house lifts will again work by capstan power(Remember the gleaming brassoed hand operated levers in Bombay House during the sixties of the gone century?) Cooperation will become the order of the day. Well knit Communities will again willy nilly spring up:communities for all round organic and other produce from nature. Life for life. Not death for the life of a few chosen. For cloth, Khadi by design will be! Wild life will come back Sparrows will be seen! 750 PM. Oh! The power has come back. It will go again I assure you. Not only when we switch off. The inverter was all the while by luck was working while I was writing this piece by hand. Because power is out mostly, I now correspond by snail post rather than by e mail. Some fifteen rupee and five rupee stamps are still in my pocket left over from those days. Oh! The fridge just does not work and now I am to switch over to a kooja inside a kooja for food preservation. I am to come back to the solar cooker for rice, dal and hot water. Hot water I then use on the stove to boil it. Toaster-Oh! It’s a thing of the past. Only when the community ripens and there is plenty wood, can I make toasts in a pan over the fire.
Its over two years now and all malls and offices have switched over to vapour absorption air conditioning worked by solar heat.90% electricity saved. All buildings are having scaffoldings put up covered with creepers and climbers to keep us comfortable in our pigeon holes. Good omen for life!

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